Tots & Teddies is a specialist preschool and toddler day care centre in Singapore. It is our aim to provide the best day care facilities to toddlers and infants in Singapore. Located in the CBD area of Singapore, our day care and toddler care centre is designed to cater to the needs of infants and toddlers between the age of 18 months to 6 years. As an award-winning preschool, we take pride in the confidence that parents have placed in us. Far from being a mere day care centre, we are one of the leading infant care and toddler care schools in Singapore.


What sets us apart as a Toddlers Preschool in Singapore

Award Winning Preschool and day care

Our holistic curriculum prepares toddlers for Primary 1. Our pedagogy is curated in such a way as to encourage curiosity in toddlers through various activities and play. Our specially designed methodology is in line with the ‘Nurturing Early Learners (NEL)’ framework to ensure a robust and all around development of your toddler. Our preschool curriculum also nurtures confidence, compassion, assertiveness and a strong educational foundation.

Small Teacher to Student Ratio

Our teacher student ratio is 1 teacher per 5 toddlers. Each child requires special attention and with this ratio, our teachers can dedicate their maximum time and attention to achieve optimal learning, care and personality development of every toddler under their care.

img dietary food

Fulfilling dietary needs

We offer a 4-week cycle menu that’s both delicious and diverse, providing breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for children aged 1 to 6. For infants, we offer an age-appropriate nutrition menu with a range of pureed, mixed texture and finger foods.

These menus provide approximately 75% of your child’s recommended daily intake of nutrients when they are enrolled in our full-day care.

Meals are freshly prepared on site daily and special dietary needs can be accommodated for by our chefs and dietitian.

Bilingual Preschool

We teach our toddlers the English and Chinese Language. Our preschool toddlers acquire fluency in reading, writing and speaking in both languages. They acquire strong potential to fit into the social milieu in Singapore with mastery over both languages. As adults, they will easily be able to navigate not just educational but also social situations confidently and with ease.

Safe Environment

We pride ourselves on our specially designed environment for preschool and day care. We have ensured that our child and toddler day care centre has the safest environment to nurture children’s interests and encourage their curiosity and skills

Best Quality Food

Our chef cooks delicious meals from a menu specially designed by a paediatric nutritionist. All our meals for our preschool toddlers and infants are prepared from the freshest ingredients. Our chef prepares both local and international cuisines suitable for children. Having a well balanced and varied menu keeps toddlers at our preschool healthy, and also teaches them the importance of a healthy diet

Daily Health Screening

Every infant and toddler is checked every morning for signs of any infection or disease. Students are encouraged to practice good hygiene while in preschool and at home.

Our preschool for toddlers has facilities to ensure that children grow and learn in a nurturing environment that gives their young minds unlimited possibilities to express their innate talents and creativity. Through creative activities and play, we focus on developing our toddlers’ physical, emotional and intellectual skills. Through diverse interactions with preschool toddlers and infants from various cultural backgrounds, toddlers in our daycare learn to adapt to their environment and develop life skills which will help them to become well adjusted, intelligent, and confident adults.

Our expertise in infant care and toddler care services has earned us the precious trust and appreciation from the parents who entrust their children to us. The continued patronage of parents is a great confidence booster for us and motivates us to consistently provide the best as one of Singapore’s leading day care, preschool and toddler care services. We also offer after school student care services for children between the ages of 7-12.

We have implemented an all inclusive fee structure that takes care of all the facilities and services provided in our toddlers preschool. There are no catches or hidden costs, and our fees are inclusive of subsidies. Kindly note that a 1-month refundable deposit and nominal registration fee is required.

We are happy to tell you more about our beautiful child care and toddler care centre in Singapore. Contact us here for answers to all your queries.

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Collaboration with Parents

Our close partnership with parents is vital in enhancing children’s learning. That’s why we document children’s learning regularly and update parents on a daily basis.

In engaging parents to participate in activities; we invite them to join us in our Reading Programme, Home Projects, field trips and classroom or school activities. To ensure parents are well-informed of their children’s development, we provide regular updates to parents through our digital app, phone calls and email. In addition, we hold half-yearly parents-teachers meetings and at our year-end open house.