As a parent to infants and toddlers, you want to ensure they receive the very best when they step out of the home. Especially when it comes to education, it’s crucial that your child receives excellent care and a stimulating learning environment in these early years to prepare them for formal education in Singapore. However busy schedules and work commitments make it difficult to be around your child all of the time. When you are busy at work, you want your child to be under the care and supervision of an excellent and reliable infant and child care centre.

When entrusting your little one to the care of a child care centre or preschool for toddlers in Singapore, every little detail matters. It is very important to ask as many questions as you have before you make a decision. Here are some factors to look out for to help you decide if the child care or day care centre is the best fit for your family:

What Qualities Should a Day Care Centre in Singapore Have? 

1. Holistic Approach

The infant care centre you choose should have an inclusive and holistic approach towards the care and development of infants and toddlers. Every child should feel cared for with a patient and understanding attitude full of compassion and love – so that they are happy and eager to come to the day care centre every morning.

An all day care centre should also take into account the fact that children need to feel secure, cherished and encouraged just like they do at home. Alongside education, toddlers need access to an appropriate playground, nutritious meals, lively surroundings, and attention from the teachers and care staff to fulfill their developmental needs. 

At Tots & Teddies, we aim to ensure that every child with us feels important, heard, understood, and protected. We do this by not just providing the best quality teacher-child ratios in Singapore, but by also limiting our class sizes so that each child can receive dedicated and personalised attention throughout the day.

2. Curriculum

The curriculum is another aspect which will have a lasting impact on your child’s future progress. Additionally because of Singapore’s approach to bilingual education, it is equally important to ensure your child is prepared for second language classes in primary school and beyond. Children should also be encouraged to participate in activities and games to promote creativity  and develop age-appropriate skills from an early age. 

Tots & Teddies is a childcare centre best known for our exclusive P1-ready bilingual curriculum in English and Chinese. Infants and toddlers who attend our day care centre have their days enriched with plenty of activities and projects in both languages so that they become fluent in reading, speaking and writing.

3. Learning Environment

The early childhood environment is a powerful factor towards developing your child’s confidence, curiosity and emotional security. A good preschool for toddlers should focus on providing an environment to children that encourages them to showcase their best skills and develop their latent potential.  A nurturing environment with colourful surroundings, loving teachers and caregivers, attention to safety, and children-centric design are all important to ensuring children have fun and have their developmental needs met while they learn.

Designed by an award winning architectural firm, Tots & Teddies boasts a beautiful day care and preschool building with free space to learn, play, and exercise. Our world-class environment sparks children’s curiosity and creativity, as well as encourages exploration and a sense of discovery.

4. Nutrition

Nutritious food is the foundation of good health and immunity, even more so in children. A baby or toddler day care centre should focus on providing healthy meals. When enrolling your childin a day care, do get all your questions regarding meals addressed adequately. Children should enjoy mealtimes with their friends in a healthy environment and nutritious food. 

The little ones at Tots & Teddies are in for a healthy treat with every meal. Our nutritious meals are designed by a paediatric nutritionist and cooked by  an expert chef. Meal times are eagerly looked forward to, and meals are all happily gobbled up by the tots. 

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