The preschool years of a child’s life are one of the most important phases as these formative years have a huge impact on nurturing healthy kids who will grow to excel in life and in their academics. Research shows that the amount of intellectual stimulation a toddler receives at around the age of 4, is directly proportional to the development of the parts of the brain responsible for language and cognition. It is thus important that toddlers are exposed to the best environment not just at home but also in their preschool so that crucial values, creativity, curiosity and confidence are constantly learnt.

The Importance of Expert and Professional Care for Preschool Toddlers

Understanding the impact a child’s immediate surroundings can have on their overall development, a good preschool or daycare offers toddlers the best nurturing and fun environment. As mentioned, a healthy learning environment allows children to express their creativity, and unique personalities and encourages them to share their fears and insecurities. Beyond designing fun and nurturing spaces that the little ones will find comfort in, preschools must be run by experienced educators who are able to provide positive encouragement and proper education. Moreover, caring for toddlers in a preschool involves all-around intensive attention towards their physical, emotional and intellectual growth and progress, further emphasising the need for professional care. Therefore, a good preschool often provides a well-balanced, inquiry-based curriculum in addition to their team of skilled educators so that they can help in building confidence in students. Enrolling your child in a good preschool will thus be advantageous to early childhood development because of their:

1. Expert Teachers and Caregivers

Highly qualified and well-informed teachers in a preschool are instrumental in providing excellent care for toddlers and laying a solid foundation before they move on to primary school. Every child has unique developmental needs and tendencies, which require personal attention and care. A low teacher-student ratio in a preschool is thus essential when it comes to being efficient in catering to the needs of each child. Expertise in the field will also come in handy, as experienced educators will be better able to attend to each child professionally and patiently. A child should feel special and heard in order to overcome their fears or weaknesses. A close-knit, personal relationship with the preschool teacher contributes towards creating a happy and confident child. At Tots and Teddies, we not only have an optimal student to teacher ratio but our teachers also understand that early learning is enhanced through strong, nurturing, secure and positive relationships.

2. Well-Designed Classrooms and Play Areas

It goes without saying that toddlers are the happiest in engaging and fun-filled surroundings, which appeal to their creativity and vivacity. Our preschool classrooms at Tots & Teddies have been specially designed and equipped with toys and informative material as an aid to develop children’s sensory and motor skills and cover our learning goals. Our preschoolers acquire knowledge and skills in subjects such as Discovery of the World, Literacy, Numeracy & Logical thinking, Chinese language, Motor Skills, Social & Emotional Development, and Aesthetics & Creative Expression. Our semi-open classroom concept also allows children from different age groups to socialise and learn from each other.

3. Focus on Right Nutrition

Healthy eating habits and healthy nutrition are the building blocks of health and fitness among infants and toddlers. They need healthy and appetising food which is cooked to suit their tastes. A  preschool and daycare centre should therefore provide children with well-balanced, fresh and nutritious meals in order to inculcate healthy eating habits which will be beneficial for them in the future. But that is not all. Children are often picky eaters. As such, it’s ideal to offer a menu specially created to match their fussy eating habits, and slowly open them up to new flavours to nip the habit in the bud.

4. Focus on Innovative Teaching Methods

Toddlers are often inquisitive and always yearn to explore everything in their immediate surroundings. A good preschool provides a holistic curriculum that encourages the development of core skills that will remain crucial beyond their preschool years. Be it through library corners or interactive pictures and flashcards, the curriculum should allow students to step into a world of learning that will lead them to the road to discovery. At Tots & Teddies, our students are kept engaged with weekly enrichment activities with the help of quality external specialists. From speech and drama classes to coding classes, we balance learning with fun to facilitate holistic development.

A Brilliant Day Care Centre in Singapore

At Tots & Teddies, it is our aim to be recognised as an excellent and holistic toddler child care centre in Singapore. We offer world-class education and facilities to infants from 2 months through to toddlers under the age of 7. We aim to ensure that every child entrusted to our toddler day care centre can build their knowledge in a safe space. Contact us if you need more information about our bilingual curriculum. Alternatively, schedule a tour of our day care centre to see how our preschool and toddler care centre in Singapore is designed to provide your child with an ideal space to learn and grow.

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