Overview Infant Care ❯ The Early Years Nursery and Kindergarten

Playgroup and Preschool

Our Early Years Curriculum caters to children in the Playgroup and Preschool. We believe every child is special and each child has his or her own unique way of learning. As such, our programme caters to each child’s interest and curiosity in learning. With a small class size ratio of one teacher looking after the needs of five children, we ensure that each child feels secure, safe and confident. Our top priority is to look after every child’s wellbeing. We aim to care and interact closely with our young charges so that they will have a close and positive relationship with others around them.

In developing healthy children, we believe in instilling good hygiene habits right from the start. We have engaged a well-qualified dietician to ensure that our children are treated to daily doses of healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals specially prepared by our experienced and qualified chef.

We believe that a safe and inviting environment is important for young learners. Our environment is well equipped with an indoor playground, equipped with a variety of safe structures for creative play. Within each classroom, age appropriate toys and manipulatives are provided to develop children’s sensory, fine motor skills, literacy and early numeracy skills.

To promote the wellbeing of each child, we strongly believe in a close partnership with parents and the community. We provide opportunities for parents to interact with our staff and bond with our children during our weekly ‘Breakfast with Moms & Dads’. We invite parents to join us for weekly field trips or to work on a ‘Home Project’ with their child too. To ensure parents are well-informed of their children’s development, we provide regular updates to parents through digital app, phone calls and email. In addition, we hold half-yearly Parents-Teachers Conference.

Our Programme - The Early Years

Our programme encompasses the major learning areas, which are Discovery of the World, Literacy, Numeracy & Logical thinking, Chinese language, Motor Skills, Social & Emotional & Aesthetics & Creative Expression.

Discovery of the World

Our Chinese & English activities engage children’s five senses so as to provide them opportunities to discover the world around them. Through concrete object learning and active participation, children’s senses are enhanced as they  discover the world through fun and lively activities. We provide regular field trips to a variety of outdoor places in line with our topics, to reinforce their concepts learnt in our comprehensive programme provided. We would also invite our parents to accompany our children in these field trips.


Our curriculum is well-planned. On a daily basis, children engage in songs, stories, pictures or object talks during the circle time. To enhance our children’s literacy capabilities, stories are read to them on a daily basis. With the display of rhyme charts around the learning environment, as well as putting labels on children’s items, children’s awareness of print is also heightened. Our teachers model good language ability so as to develop children’s speaking and listening skills. Preschool children will be exposed to new words regularly with flashcards and pictures to allow young learners to connect pictures with words. Early reading will begin in preschool where young children develop print awareness in books containing pictures and words.

Numeracy and Logical Thinking

Our thematic and inquiry based lessons consist of activities that promote young children’s logical thinking skills which include sorting of objects from one to two attributes, grouping, matching and one-to-one correspondence. Through play and incidental learning, teachers who closely interact with young children, also promote logical thinking skills. Rote counting and fundamental Math concepts are introduced from preschool where our children will be exposed to counting of objects and logical thinking.

Chinese Language

Our Chinese language learning involves play, stories, songs, rhymes and planned experiences. Young learners mimic Chinese teachers in rhyming and singing. Through active learning, such as role play and stories, children begin to develop speaking skills and learn simple Chinese vocabulary with preschool children recognising simple Chinese characters.

Motor Skills

To cater to our young children’s fast motor skills’ development, we have structured in a programme for outdoor activities to enhance their development in motor skills. Our Playgroup children will be ferried, once a month, whilst the Preschool on a bi-weekly basis, for morning outdoor time at the Gardens by the Bay. In addition, children also develop their motor skills through the weekly enrichment programmes such as gymnastics, music & movement lessons, as well as during the daily indoor playground activity. To enhance our little children’s fine motor skills, we provide materials such as brushes with paint, art & craft materials, large jumbo crayons, large manipulative toys, sensory objects and playdough for the development of fine motor skills.

Social & Emotional Development

We promote social and emotional development in our children on a daily basis, during the meal & routine time, scheduled drama play time, classroom interactions, indoor playground and outdoor time at Gardens By the Bay. Social and emotional skills are also reinforced in our thematic lessons such as topics on ‘Caring for Others’ ‘My Friends’ & ‘Feelings & Emotions’. Teachers also observe children’s social & emotional development closely to promote interactions or interventions as and when necessary.

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

We provide opportunities for our children to freely express themselves during creative play, art and craft activity and drama play time. Teachers act as facilitators in scaffolding children’s creativity through close observation. Through music appreciation during singing and music and movement lessons, children develop the interest in music and a sense of rhythm and tempo through percussion instruments.