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Our Menu

In designing the menu for Tots & Teddies, Vanessa guarantees we are meeting both national and international guidelines for the provision of meals in early childhood education and care services. She adheres to the Healthy Meals in Childcare Centres Programme (HMCCP) developed by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore and has extensively consulted guidelines from around the world to ensure we are providing the healthiest meals of the highest quality.

Balance is the key and all the recipes developed by our in-house chef have been approved by Vanessa and are served as part of a balanced meal. Our meals comprise wholegrain carbohydrates, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, dairy products and healthy fats with minimal use of added sugar, salt, saturated fats and processed foods. Water and fresh milk are our drinks of choice along with the occasional inclusion of freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices or freshly prepared fruit smoothies.

We offer a 4-week cycle menu that is both delicious and diverse, providing breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for children aged 1-6. For infants, we offer an age-appropriate nutrition menu with a range of pureed, mixed texture and finger foods. These menus will provide approximately 75% of your child’s recommended daily intake of nutrients when they are enrolled in our full-day care. Meals are freshly prepared on site on a daily basis and special dietary needs can be accommodated for by our chefs and dietitian.

We use every opportunity to provide adequate nutrients to your child so we ensure that our snacks are nourishing and appealing. Example of snacks include fresh fruit, raw vegetables, cheese and wholegrain crackers along with a variety of homemade snacks such as oat biscuits, banana bread, pear muffins and fresh fruit smoothies.