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Infant Care Philosophy (2 to 18 months)

The early years in a child’s life are most precious and crucial. As such, we ensure that each infant is physically and emotionally secure in our environment. At Tots & Teddies, every infant is specially cared for by our our qualified and experienced Infant Carers who provide tender, loving and responsive care that is so important for the development of the child.

Our Infant environment is specially designed to stimulate young minds, instill curiosity and yet ensuring highest safety and hygiene standard. We provide an environment that fosters trust, security and comfort where each infant forms a deep attachment with an infant carer. Our infant room is designed to be calming to the young child’s senses and we plan our day to include focus on individual babies in caregiving relationships, believing that the tasks of daily life for an infant provide a natural time for the child to engage in what directly involves them. Hence, our practice is to focus the child’s engagement with the process rather than just completing the task during diapering, feeding, dressing, and preparing for nap.

We model the behavior we wish to teach, understanding that children learn through imitation. Plenty of time is given to the babies to be on the floor, with a caregiver nearby, to learn to move and stretch, which is important for building self-confidence and physical control. Our infant toys are selected carefully based on their interest to babies, safety, and flexibility of form. We also consider the toys ability to stimulate the child’s imagination but not overwhelm them with sensory experiences. With one-on one interactions, our infants under the care of our gentle and caring educarers, will be encouraged to explore to develop their sensory, cognitive, creative, social and emotional development.

As in line with Bronfenbrenner’s theory in Early Childhood studies, children’s development begins with the immediate family which is the centre of a child’s life. Therefore, connection with the families is one of the important aspects in our programme. In Tots & Teddies, we embrace the philosophy of working closely with parents. As such, we provide daily update of your child’s development such as, feeding, behaviour and other important issues that concern each parent through an effective two-way communication mobile app.

Our following play-based programme is fun and ensures every infant/toddler develops holistically:

Tots’ Gym: A programme that is specially catered by GymKiz that includes exercises, baby massage, locomotive and non-locomotive activities to promote well-rounded development of infants and toddlers.

Tots’ Literacy: Through our wide range of rhymes, songs and stories in English and Chinese languages, little children develop interest and exposure to literacy and bi-lingualism.

Tots’ Music:
All babies respond to music and music plays a vital role in children’s creative development. Through music, little ones develop rhythm, music appreciation and communicative gestures.

Tots’ Art: Through exploration of colours, textures and paint, young children develop their senses and interest for art.

Tots’ Sensory: Sensory activities heighten infants and toddlers’ awareness and language acquisition. Our Tots’ Sensory programme nurture your child’s awareness of the world around him/her.