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Our Food Philosophy

Creating a healthy eating environment in a long stay child care centre is imperative to developing healthy, happy children. When children eat well, their concentration is enhanced, they have fewer sick days, higher energy levels and they are more likely to grow and develop to their full potential.

By providing a diverse menu (with both local and international flavours) that meets the majority of children’s’ nutrient requirements, we support the health and wellbeing of all children under our care. We also place a strong emphasis on helping them to develop healthy eating habits from a young age and nurturing their enjoyment of food as soon as they begin their eating journey. Knowing that we provide well balanced, age-appropriate meals to meet your child’s needs can fill you with confidence that we are making your child’s health and development a priority.

Our Menu and Healthy Eating Policy are designed and developed by The Travelling Dietitian, Vanessa McNamara, who has 16 years experience working as a dietitian around the world, and is executed by our professional in-house chef using fresh produce from selected sources.