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Our curriculum - An Overview

At Tots & Teddies, we have carefully crafted a well balanced curriculum that adopts a thematic, inquiry based approach, with a term specially devoted to projects. Children construct knowledge through activities and hands-on learning while concepts are reinforced through learning centres, rhymes, songs & field trips. Numeracy and phonics are introduced from Nursery onwards. Our curriculum is reviewed by a Head of Department from a renowned local Primary school to ensure that it is ‘P1-ready’ and it is executed in a fun way, so that kids can be kids!

We therefore balance learning with serious fun; in addition to ample indoor creative play, we also provide a bi-weekly excursion to the children’s playground at Gardens by the Bay, indoor-gym sessions (provided by GymKidz), speech and drama (provided by Vocal Thoughts) and coding classes (for our K1s and K2s) that introduces logical thinking in a fun way, all at no extra charge to parents. Between terms, kids can expect to try their hand at making pizzas and cookies with our in-house professional chef, amongst many other enriching and fun activities. Infants don’t miss out on the fun either, with our educarers helping to monitor their development milestones and providing daily updates to parents through our dedicated app.

Learning is enhanced through strong, nurturing, secure, and positive relationships. The learning environments are planned carefully such that they are safe, secure, fun, and responsive to children’s interests, spark curiosity and creativity, and invite exploration, manipulation, and a sense of discovery.

Our Desired Learning Outcomes are that Children:

  • are secure and confident
  • are happy and safe
  • are creative and compassionate
  • have strong social and emotional skills
  • have strong foundations in numeracy and literacy
  • are Primary One ready by the end of K2