We embrace the philosophy of partnership with parents and believe parents play a vital role in the development of the child.

As such we provide daily feedback for infants and toddlers under our care through a dedicated app and will allow you to monitor their growth and development milestones.

For toddlers in Pre-Nursery to K2 levels, we provide updates on a weekly basis. This update covers activities (what has been done this week and what we plan to do next week) and high level progress development. In addition, we encourage ongoing communication in person, through phone calls, emails and through our mobile app. We also value parent participation in field trips and special class or school activities as part of collaboration, should parents wish to join.

More formal academic progress reports are provided at the end of each term in the form of a portfolio.

In addition, we also hold parent-teacher conference twice a year to provide parents opportunities to meet up with the class teachers to have a more detailed update on the child’s overall development.

Every Friday is family breakfast day, and parents are welcome to join their children for healthy breakfast freshly prepared by our in-house chef.