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Air Quality

Children under our care will spend an average of 200 hours at our centre every month, so it is imperative that the our indoor air quality is kept at a very high level.

To ensure a high level of air quality, we feature Swiss-made IQAir purifiers – widely regarded to be the very best air cleaner available. IQAir units are 100% ozone, ion and UV emission free and feature as the exclusive educational partner of the American Lung Association.

At Tots & Teddies we use multiple top-of-the line IQAir Healthpro 250 units (featuring activated carbon to eliminate volatile organic compounds and chemicals – in addition to a HyperHEPA filtration) as well as a CleaneZone SL unit to ensure high level of air quality throughout our centre.

Our centre also features our own de-centralised air conditioning system, allowing us full control over the temperature settings to ensure classrooms are neither too hot nor too cold.