The Tween Works Difference

Tween Works is Singapore’s best quality student care centre. We are conveniently located in the CBD near Telok Ayer and Raffles Place MRT stations.

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Our Approach Towards After School Student Care

We are different from others because we run a fun and well balanced after-school care and student care programme for children between the age of 7 to 12 years. Our exceptional primary school student care programme focuses on the most important aspects of child care by offering the best environment, healthy food and specially curated programmes for your children.

Quality Environment

  • Low teacher to children ratio of 1:10
  • Clean air with Blueair cleaners
  • Fun space with foosball, air-hockey, board games, Nintendo Switch and much more!

Quality Food

  • Fresh produce from premium suppliers
  • In-house chefs making amazing fresh meals daily
  • Menu designed by a paediatric nutritionist

Quality Programme

  • Uniquely curated in-house programmes including Creative Arts, Growth Mindset and Bizkids
  • Thematic project-based student care holiday programmes to instil life skills and learning experiences beyond the classroom
  • Specialist external vendor programmes included in the price

A sample of our holiday schedule:

  • 0900 – 0930 Arrival / Health Check / Breakfast
  • 0930 – 1030 Morning Workout
  • 1030 – 1230 Thematic Project Based Activity / Outdoor Play (Every Friday)
  • 1230 – 1330 Clean Up / Lunch
  • 1330 – 1430 Free Time
  • 1430 – 1600 In-house Program / Enrichment Classes
  • 1600 – 1630 Tea Break
  • 1630 – 1830 Free Time / Educational Movie (Every Friday)
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Our After School Care Centre Schedules

To meet the needs of different schools, we have carefully designed 3 complementary student care schedules. We want to ensure that every primary school student has access to our after school care services. You can enrol your child for one of the following programmes:

1. Half-day (for normal school days; school bus drops off students at Tween Works)
2. Ad-hoc full day (for days when some schools are closed due to school closure / Home-Based Learning)
3. Holiday (for days when all school are on break; Tween Works will conduct a fun holiday project-based programme (9am to 6pm)

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Our Student Care Programmes in Singapore

At Tween Works, we have curated in-house and holiday programmes dovetailed with carefully selected student enrichment programmes to enrich our children’s learning journey in a fun and engaging way:

In-house Programmes

Our in-house programmes are purposefully curated to instill values, equip children with a growth mindset, and critical skills to be an intellectually curious and well-rounded individual. Our programmes include Creative Arts, Growth Mindset and Bizkids.

Holiday Programmes

We offer a full-day holiday student care programme when schools take a break. During the holidays, we run thematic project-based programmes to instil life skills and learning experiences in our students beyond the classroom. For the upcoming November to December holiday, we will be running a food-truck design project. This thematic project will allow our students to experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur with exposure to research, marketing and pricing while allowing them to be creative and have fun! You can find out more about our upcoming children’s holiday camp by clicking on this link here!

Enrichment Programmes

As part of our all-inclusive fees, we have partnered with carefully selected external specialist student enrichment programmes providers to provide quality learning experiences and exposure to life-ready skills.

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Our Fees

Our Fees Cover it All

Our fee structure for student care services is a little different from what’s currently practised in Singapore. When you drop off your child at our student care centre in the morning, we want to assure you that absolutely everything will be taken care of without compromise in quality of care or education for your child.

To allow us to deliver on this vision, our fees are all inclusive.

Exceptional Value For An All-Inclusive Monthly Fee

There are no catches or hidden costs. Kindly note that a 1-month refundable deposit and nominal registration fee is required.


This Means Our Fees Include: