18 months to 6 years
We believe each child is unique and special, and each child has his or her own individual way of learning. As such, our programme caters to each child’s interest and curiosity in learning. We provide resources for a small class ratio of one teacher to five children to ensure holistic progress and development.

As a bilingual preschool in Singapore, we believe in providing children with ample opportunities to construct knowledge with active participation, both in the English and Chinese language. The constant exposure to both languages allows children to develop fluency in reading, speaking and writing.

img learning curriculum

An environment that facilitates learning

We believe a safe and inviting environment is important for young learners. Our preschool environment is well-equipped with an indoor playground and safe structures for creative play. Located within the CBD region in Singapore, we offer the ultimate convenience for working parents and children living in the area, while being committed to delivering world-class quality through our comprehensive curriculum. Within each classroom, age appropriate toys and manipulatives are provided to develop children’s sensory, fine motor skills and cover our major preschool learning areas: Discovery of the World, Literacy, Numeracy & Logical thinking, Chinese language, Motor Skills, Social & Emotional Development, and Aesthetics & Creative Expression.

We also believe in providing a print-rich environment to enrich children’s literacy skills such as library corners and interactive picture and flash cards. Each classroom also has different learning spaces, catering teaching materials from simple to complex to reinforce children’s concepts in numeracy, language, imagination and discovery of the world around them – in Singapore and beyond. Children’s works are also attractively showcased around the classroom to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

In line with the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework, our preschool curriculum in Singapore consists of the following learning areas:
img discovery curriculum

Our English and Chinese preschool activities engage the five senses to help children discover the world around them. Through active participation and learning with concrete objects, children’s senses are enhanced as they discover the world through fun and lively activities. Through science experiments, children develop a sense of curiosity and wonder.

We also provide regular field trips to a variety of outdoor places away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD area to reinforce concepts learnt in our comprehensive programme. Parents are always welcome to join.

img literacy curriculum

Each of our classrooms come with a library shelf with both English and Chinese books of different genres. Every day,
children engage in songs, stories, pictures or object talks during circle time. To enhance their literacy
capabilities, stories are read to them daily.

Our environment is print-rich with labels including the learning centre
areas where simple instructions are written to guide children in using materials. All materials are labelled to
promote children’s literacy skills.

In addition, our literacy area consists of a “Word Wall” which displays high frequency words, phonics words and
theme words for reinforcement. In and around the classroom, teachers also model good verbal language to children.

Our special Reading Programme, which comprises School and Home Reading, provides children with quality selected
readers, which is conducted through each term. Our Home Reading programme aims to promote family bonding and parents
to inculcate reading interest in their children.

img numeracy curriculum

At Tots & Teddies, Our early numeracy programme consists of activities that promote young children’s logical thinking skills. This includes sorting of objects from one to two attributes, grouping, matching and one-to-one correspondence. Through play and incidental learning, teachers who closely interact with young children also promote logical thinking skills.

To facilitate the seamless transition from preschool to primary school, and to help them become comfortable with the complex Singapore educational curriculum, we introduce maths concepts. Some of the concepts we teach include cardinal value, addition and subtraction and complex topics such as number bonds and problem sums. These are done gradually from Nursery to K2 in preparation for the children to enter Primary 1.

All maths concepts’ activities are taught with concrete objects with children’s active participation. Children at Kindergarten level work in small groups to brainstorm and problem solve logical thinking questions and teachers act as facilitators to probe and assist children to find their answers.

Our Numeracy learning corner also provides various simple to complex materials and activities to reinforce and challenge children’s thinking skills.

img chinese curriculum

Our immersive Chinese language learning involves play, stories, songs, rhymes and planned experiences. Young learners mimic Chinese teachers in rhyming and singing.

Through active learning, such as role play and stories, children develop speaking skills and learn simple Chinese vocabulary with preschool children recognising simple Chinese characters.

Chinese characters recognition and strokes which begin from Nursery level are reinforced daily during lesson time. Children master the skills of writing Chinese single and double words to sentence writing from K1.

img motorskills curriculum

To cater to children’s fast motor skills development and provide outdoor experiences, we ferry our children every other week for morning outdoor time at the Children’s Park @ Gardens by the Bay near our CBD preschool centre.

In addition, children also develop their gross motor skills through our weekly extracurricular activities.

To enhance their fine motor skills, we provide materials such as large jumbo crayons, large manipulative toys,
sensory objects, playdough, paint, arts and crafts materials and various manipulative tools.

img social curriculum

We promote social and emotional development in our children daily during mealtime, routine time, scheduled drama
play time, classroom interactions, and at the indoor playground and outdoor time at Gardens By the Bay.

Social and emotional skills are also reinforced in our thematic lessons with topics such as “Caring for Others”, “My
Friends” and “Feelings & Emotions”. Teachers also observe children’s social and emotional development closely to
promote interaction or interventions where necessary.

We also aim to carry out charity activities at least yearly so that our children learn to care for others and we
participate in events such as the President’s ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ programme annually.

img creative curriculum

We provide children opportunities to freely express themselves during creative play, arts and crafts activity and
dramatic play time. Teachers as facilitators also assist in scaffolding children’s creativity during activity.

In addition, as part of our core programme, we provide enhanced English Speech and Drama lessons imaginative and
creative skills. Through our singing and music and movement lessons, our children cultivate interest in music and
develop the sense of rhythm and tempo through percussion instruments. Children also learn about cultural music and
instruments during in-house celebrations of all major cultural festivals.

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