Infant Daycare

2 to 18 months
A child’s early years are the most precious and crucial. That’s why we ensure each infant is cared well and is physically and emotionally secure in our daycare environment.

At Tots & Teddies, our qualified and experienced infant educators will provide tender, loving and responsive care to your baby. Our day care centre in Singapore high-quality curriculum and pedagogy will build your child’s development to help him or her flourish.

img environment curriculum

Our infant environment is specially designed to stimulate young minds and instil curiosity while upholding the highest safety and hygiene standards. We provide an environment that fosters trust, security and comfort where each infant forms a deep attachment with an infant carer.

Our infant room is designed to be calming to the child’s senses. We plan our days to include a focus on individual babies in caregiving relationships, believing that the daily tasks for an infant provides a natural time for the child to engage in what directly involves them.

Hence, our practice is to focus the child’s engagement with the process rather than simply completing the task during diapering, feeding, dressing, and preparing for nap time.

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We want the infants at our daycare centre to grow into bright and confident individuals. To prepare them to become amazing toddlers, we model the behaviour we wish to teach, understanding that children learn through imitation and proper care. Plenty of time is given for babies to be on the floor. With a caregiver nearby, they learn to move and stretch, which is important for building self-confidence and physical control.

Our infant toys are selected carefully based on safety, interest to babies and flexibility of form. We also consider the ability of toys to stimulate the child’s imagination but not overwhelm them with over-stimulating experiences.

With personal interactions and a low ratio, our infants are encouraged to explore to develop their sensory, cognitive, creative, social and emotional development.

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At our infant care centre in Singapore, we value family bonding and kinship. In line with Urie Brofenbrenner’s theory in Early Childhood studies, a child’s development begins with the immediate family which forms the centre of a child’s life. As such, connection with family is one important aspect of our programme.

We provide daily updates of your child’s development such as feeding, behaviour and other important issues that concern every parent through a mobile app which facilitates effective two-way communication, as well as a daily update from our infant carers during drop-off and pick-up. Your baby’s development is also closely observed and recorded and the information is shared with parents during parent-teacher meetings at the end of each term.

Our infant care curriculum offers holistic experiences with daycare activities planned weekly by our dedicated infant carers through observations to extend and enhance infants’ development and progress.

The programme ensures that infants are secure and emotionally connected, demonstrating increasing confidence and autonomy through respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationships with the infant carers. Through daily routine care, our centre programme fosters positive learning and development in our infants. Our infant carers also adhere to professional standards and ethics in Singapore, while constantly engaging in reflective practices.

Additionally, our programmes are also affordable and provide exceptional value for parents. We do not include hidden costs or catches, and our infant care fees are also transparent for all, reflecting the standard of quality care we are committed to delivering.

Check out what makes our play-based fun-filled programme so unique, and how we ensure every infant and toddler develops holistically under our care. Or contact us to schedule a centre tour now.

tots gym

Tots’ Gym

Our specially imported play equipment and padded obstacle course provides locomotor and non-locomotor
activities to promote well-rounded development of infants and toddlers.


Tots’ Literacy

Through our wide range of rhymes, songs and stories in English and Chinese language, little children develop
interest and exposure to literacy and bilingualism.


Tots’ Music

All babies respond to music, which plays a vital role in their creative development. Through music, little
ones develop rhythm, music appreciation and communicative gestures.


Tots’ Art

Through the exploration of colours, textures and paint, young children develop their senses and interest for


Tots’ Sensory

Sensory activities heighten the awareness and language acquisition of infants and toddlers. Our Tots’
Sensory programme nurtures your child’s awareness of their surrounding world.


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