2 to 4 years old
Young children go through a crucial period of development where they pick up on skills and knowledge needed to become functional people. Therefore, the preschool years are one of the most important phases of their lives. At Tots & Teddies, our nursery programme caters to toddlers who have graduated from the playgroup level and helps them to transition to the kindergarten level and prepare for the complex Singapore educational curriculum when they finally move on to primary school.

As a bilingual preschool, our international approach is favoured by parents from all walks of life. As such, we school the children by giving them diverse exposure across a wide range of topics. Through our well-balanced nursery programme, your child will get t o experience purposeful play delivered by our experienced preschool teachers.


A nurturing environment to grow and learn

Located at the heart of Singapore within the CBD area, our preschool centre offers a safe and comfortable environment for our little learners. We are also located at the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) hub, providing a convenient space for parents to work near their children.

Our learning environment is designed around the needs of growing children. While being safe and secure, they are also made to spark curiosity and encourage creativity, as well as enabling them to develop a keen sense of discovery.

During drop-offs in the morning, a health check will be conducted to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the centre. Children will be subject to daily screenings to check for signs of infections such as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. We also take temperatures at least twice a day. Additionally, our centre features TrueHEPA air purifiers and a decentralised air conditioning system to ensure optimal air quality.

At Tots & Teddies, we believe that the surrounding plays a big role in helping the children grow and learn better. As such, our nursery children will be treated to a premium environment which includes fun zones such as a Kids Cafe, Melissa & Doug toys and equipment, and outdoor trips to Children’s Park @ Gardens By the Bay.

Find out about the school’s environment and you will understand why we are loved by many parents in Singapore.

Cultivating skills for a successful future

Attending a pre- or nursery school in Singapore cultivates important skills and builds character in children. At our centre, children will get several benefits to get a headstart on education.

Besides arts and crafts or physical activities, our educational curriculum equips children with pre-reading skills, richer vocabulary and basic maths foundation. This is important as primary school can be challenging for many.
Learning how to interact and communicate with others will help to build confidence in a child. Through our weekly enrichment activities, children in our centre get to enjoy fun things such as indoor gym sessions, speech and drama, and even coding lessons. Between each term, your child can also get to experience pizza-making or baking cookies with the guidance of our in-house chef. All these activities help to build resilience and confidence.
On average, the children mix in our school is 50% local and 50% international. With such a melting pot of diversity, children in our nursery programme get to learn and respect different cultures. At the same time, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5 within our school, your preschooler will get ample attention from our experienced teachers.
img chinese curriculum

Our immersive Chinese language learning involves play, stories, songs, rhymes and planned experiences. Young learners mimic Chinese teachers in rhyming and singing.

Through active learning, such as role play and stories, children develop speaking skills and learn simple Chinese vocabulary with preschool children recognising simple Chinese characters.

Chinese characters recognition and strokes which begin from Nursery level are reinforced daily during lesson time. Children master the skills of writing Chinese single and double words to sentence writing from K1.

img motorskills curriculum

To cater to children’s fast motor skills development and provide outdoor experiences, we ferry our children every other week for morning outdoor time at the Children’s Park @ Gardens by the Bay near our CBD preschool centre.

In addition, children also develop their gross motor skills through our weekly extracurricular activities (e.g.
Chinese Wushi, Gym and Music and Movement programmes provided by specialist external vendors).

To enhance their fine motor skills, we provide materials such as large jumbo crayons, large manipulative toys,
sensory objects, playdough, paint, arts and crafts materials and various manipulative tools.

img social curriculum

We promote social and emotional development in our children daily during mealtime, routine time, scheduled drama
play time, classroom interactions, and at the indoor playground and outdoor time at Gardens By the Bay.

Social and emotional skills are also reinforced in our thematic lessons with topics such as “Caring for Others”, “My
Friends” and “Feelings & Emotions”. Teachers also observe children’s social and emotional development closely to
promote interaction or interventions where necessary.

We also aim to carry out charity activities at least yearly so that our children learn to care for others and we
participate in events such as the President’s ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ programme annually.

img creative curriculum

We provide children opportunities to freely express themselves during creative play, arts and crafts activity and
dramatic play time. Teachers as facilitators also assist in scaffolding children’s creativity during activity.

In addition, as part of our core programme, we provide enhanced English Speech and Drama lessons imaginative and
creative skills. Through our singing and music and movement lessons, our children cultivate interest in music and
develop the sense of rhythm and tempo through percussion instruments. Children also learn about cultural music and
instruments during in-house celebrations of all major cultural festivals.

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Embark on a fun nursery journey at our school in Singapore

Throughout a child’s journey at Tots & Teddies, parents will be kept closely in loop through daily updates and frequent interactions. With this, you will see that your child is growing healthily, safely, and happily at our centre. Our inquiry-based approach ensures that your nursery child is engaged in learning and is on his or her way to become ready for primary school upon graduating from kindergarten.

Our fee structure is also unlike many centres in Singapore. There are no hidden costs, and the all-in-one charges include everything – from field trips to enrichment activities to learning resources. View our fees and subsidies, or book a tour to view our centre facilities today.


Collaboration with Parents

Our close partnership with parents is vital in enhancing children’s learning. That’s why we document children’s learning regularly and update parents on a daily basis.

In engaging parents to participate in activities; we invite them to join us in our Reading Programme, Home Projects, field trips and classroom or school activities. To ensure parents are well-informed of their children’s development, we provide regular updates to parents through our digital app, phone calls and email. In addition, we hold half-yearly parents-teachers meetings and at our year-end open house.