Kindergarten is the first step of an infant out from the security of home and family. We at Tots & Teddies understand just how important this step is for your child. A fascinating world of new possibilities, knowledge and experiences lies in front of your child; and you want them to have only the best time during their kindergarten years. And as parents, you want to make sure that your child gets nothing but the best.

Based in Singapore, Tots & Teddies is one of the top bilingual preschools and kindergartens in town. We understand children, and we know how to nurture their young minds with the right values, best education and emotional strength so that they excel in life. Our award winning pedagogy and specially curated curriculum for infants sets us apart as one of the best bilingual preschool, day care, and kindergarten.


Tots & Teddies Kindergarten School in Singapore

An infant’s cognitive development happens rapidly, making the child inquisitive and curious about everything around. When you decide to enrol your child in a kindergarten, it signals the next stage in their life. This curiosity and excitement to learn new things must be addressed in a constructive and fun-filled environment. It is important because only in such an environment will your infant learn important life skills like confidence, emotional maturity, and fearlessness.

Our team of expert teachers at Tots & Teddies has years of hands-on experience in teaching and guiding infants to reach their maximum potential in the fields of education, art and social skills. Our curriculum addresses every aspect of a child’s growth. We are one of the best known kindergartens in Singapore to provide a highly stimulating environment to cater to a child’s mind and growing needs. Our well-equipped learning environment for kindergarten students lays the ideal groundwork for your child to successfully progress to primary school and beyond. .

Our approach to Kindergarten education

We are one of the most trusted daycare and preschools in Singapore. You can safely trust your child to the care of our teachers and experts. Our approach to kindergarten education includes:

Our kindergarten facilities are designed keeping in mind the complete safety of infants. The toys and installations as well as learning materials are made from non-toxic materials, and each toy, device and installation is free of any sharp edges or hard surfaces. We conduct daily health checks of all our children to ensure they are free of infections and fevers.
We want our kindergarten tots to stay active and healthy, and thus we provide them with the best nutrition. Our menu is designed by a paediatric nutritionist who is aware of the complexities of providing healthy meals for fussy infants and toddlers. Our chef creates such tasty dishes that the tiny tots can’t say no to!
Infants learn the best in a fun-filled, carefree, active and colourful environment. We have created our kindergarten classrooms to reflect the energy, joy and boundless curiosity of infants. Our Primary 1 ready curriculum encourages children to explore the world fully through reading, writing, drawing and crafts, and social interactions. Apart from the classroom, outdoor sports and games also encourage healthy interactions among our kindergarten tots.

We also organise day trips, enrichment activities, and trips to further facilitate holistic learning amongst our kindergarten students

For an infant taking their first step into a kindergarten, a calming and comforting environment is a must. Our infant rooms and kindergarten classrooms make your child feel at home, within a space that they can partake in the plethora of well-designed activities that encourage creativity.
Our 1:5 teacher to child ratio establishes a strong and healthy bond between teachers and students, ensuring that your child continues to feel safe and cared for within the learning environment.

Fee Structure

We follow an all inclusive fee structure. The fees would pay for all the learning materials, our dedicated mobile app, the trips and excursions we organise, our food services and other activities.


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Collaboration with Parents

Our close partnership with parents is vital in enhancing children’s learning. That’s why we document children’s learning regularly and update parents on a daily basis.

In engaging parents to participate in activities; we invite them to join us in our Reading Programme, Home Projects, field trips and classroom or school activities. To ensure parents are well-informed of their children’s development, we provide regular updates to parents through our digital app, phone calls and email. In addition, we hold half-yearly parents-teachers meetings and at our year-end open house.