At Tots & Teddies, we are deliberate in designing a well-balanced curriculum that adopts a thematic, inquiry-based approach for the holistic development of your child. It is our belief that well-rounded learning in a child care centre encapsulates growth in all areas – literacy in both the English and Chinese languages, numeracy and logical reasoning, motor skills, creative expression, social and emotional development. That is also the reason why we are intentional in providing bilingual immersion in our preschool in Singapore.

How Tots & Teddies Facilitate Bilingual Learning

At our preschool, every individual classroom comes with a fully furnished library shelf filled with English and Chinese books in a myriad of genres. Other than the books provided, teachers seek to grow them in their bilingual literacy through engaging them using songs, stories, pictures or object talks during circle time. Their literacy capabilities are further strengthened as stories are read to them daily. Our classroom environment has been carefully labelled including the learning centre area where there are basic instructions to guide children on how to use materials. This is deliberately done to promote children’s literacy skills. Furthermore, our literacy area comprises a “Word Wall” that shows high frequency words, phonics words and theme words to reinforce their learning. In and around the classroom, teachers also demonstrate good verbal language to children.
Additionally, the Reading Programme that is conducted in each term in our preschool, comprises School and Home Reading, provides children with quality selected books. Our Home Reading programme also seeks to encourage family bonding with parents and to spark reading interest in children. The preschool activities are designed to be in English and Chinese to engage the five senses of children to explore the world around them. Through interactive learning with real-life objects and opportunities to hear, use and communicate in both languages, these activities facilitate their growth in not just their senses, but their bilingual language skills.
Bilingual immersion is ensured in our preschool through play, stories, songs, rhymes and planned experiences in Chinese. Children learn Chinese language structures by mimicking Chinese teachers in rhyming and singing. Employing the use of active learning, such as role play and stories, children are taught speaking skills and learn fundamental Chinese vocabulary with preschool children learning how to identify simple Chinese characters. Beginning from Nursery 1, children are equipped to recognise Chinese characters and strokes reinforced daily during lesson time. With that as a strong foundation, they are taught the skills of writing single and double words in Chinese before moving on to sentence writing from K1.

Get In Touch With Us To Find Out More

Contact us to find out more about the bilingual help our child care centre in Singapore can offer your children today. Our professional team extends a warm welcome for you to take a private tour of our child care centre in Singapore to check out whether Tots and Teddies is suitable for you and your child.


Collaboration with Parents

Our close partnership with parents is vital in enhancing children’s learning. That’s why we document children’s learning regularly and update parents on a daily basis.

In engaging parents to participate in activities; we invite them to join us in our Reading Programme, Home Projects, field trips and classroom or school activities. To ensure parents are well-informed of their children’s development, we provide regular updates to parents through our digital app, phone calls and email. In addition, we hold half-yearly parents-teachers meetings and at our year-end open house.