Tots & Teddies

Tots & Teddies aims to be Singapore’s best quality bilingual full day infant care & preschool – a claim we don’t take lightly!

We are an award-winning preschool that caters to discerning parents who want the best quality care for their infants from two months through to kids under seven years. We are located in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) – just minutes walk from either Telok Ayer MRT or Raffles Place MRT stations. We take pride in offering a holistic P1 ready curriculum, providing a menu designed by a paediatric nutritionist and freshly prepared daily by our in-house professional chef, and providing an experienced and warm teaching team.

Our aim is to ensure every child in the loving care of our centre feels important, heard, understood and protected. We provide the best quality teacher/child ratios in Singapore, and limit our class sizes. Allowing for intimate care and quality shared experiences between children and educarers so that children start to develop positive identities in what is widely regarded as a child’s most important age.

Find Out Why Kids Love Tots & Teddies

If you work in the CBD and have a child aged 3 months to 7 years, we are sure you will love Tots & Teddies

All parents ask themselves: “What is the best childcare for my precious little one?” This is a very important question. Your child deserves nothing but the best. We strongly recommend that parents spend time visiting Pre-Schools and explore their options before making a decision.

At Tots & Teddies, we have specially designed our teaching approach, bilingual inquiry-based curriculum, and learning environment. You can rest assured that your baby or child will have the best opportunity to develop and grow at our Pre-School.

What Goes Into An Education At Tots & Teddies?

Here are 7 key benefits that your child will experience at Tots & Teddies Pre-School:
Well-prepared for Primary School

Our bilingual inquiry-based curriculum, designed with a leading Primary School Head of Department (HOD), ensures your child is “Primary 1 Ready”. We ensure your child seamlessly adapts to primary school life upon graduating from kindergarden.

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Ample Attention

We hire only experienced, warm educarers/teachers providing not only low ratios, but small intimate classes: 1:3 for infant care and 1:5 for childcare / preschool.

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Holistic Development

Your child is in for a wide variety of fun activities at school! Besides arts and craft and storytelling, Tots & Teddies engages quality external specialists for enrichment activities such as kid’s gym, coding (for pre-school), music, speech and drama (for Nursery onwards). Your child will enjoy outdoor play at Gardens by the Bay (for Nursery onwards) on a bi-weekly basis

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Exposure to Diversity

With a good mix of children from different countries and ethnicities, your child will be able to learn and respect different cultures, beliefs and ethnicity. On average our school is 50% local, and 50% international (we’ve had children from Australia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Morocco, the UK and USA to name but a few).

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Collaboration With Parents

As parents, we are your partners in your child’s learning journey. You can look forward to Friday breakfast with your child at our Kids Café, where our in-house chef whips up a nutritious meal for both parent and child. Our dedicated mobile app allows parents to find out throughout the day what their child is doing. We also organise frequent excursions for parents to join in.

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Highly Nutritious Food

We believe that nutrition is so important to a child’s development. That is why our menu is designed by a paediatric nutritionist. We have also hired an in-house professional chef. High quality food and premium ingredients await your child each day, from freshly baked waffles with fresh fruit for breakfast, to freshly made whole wheat noodles and salmon for lunch. Our children look forward to meal-time, all the time.

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Safe & Hygienic Environment

Your child’s health and well-being is our highest priority. We have fitted all rooms with premium ozone-free true-HEPA air cleaners from IQAir. We have also developed strict protocols to ensure hygiene, such as daily sanitising and separate baskets for used infant toys. Once you drop off your child at Tots & Teddies, you can rest easy knowing your child will be happy and well taken care of all day long.

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An Exclusive Invitation

We are opening up an Exclusive Private Tour of our pre-school for parents working in the CBD!

During this private tour, you will experience:

Our Kids Café

Where our in-house professional chef prepares unprocessed, nutritionally balanced food daily for our children

Our Gym Corner and Centre

Designed by an Award Winning Architect and provides our children free space to learn, play and exercise

Our Dedicated, Inspiring Teachers

Who develop bilingualism in our children, and prepare them with our holistic inquiry-based Primary 1 Ready Curriculum

Our Intimate Class Setting

With 1 educator/teacher taking care of a maximum of 5 children

Our Quality Product Offerings

Customised to give your child the best learning environment, from premium ozone-free true-HEPA air cleaners, to organic California Baby soaps and shampoos used for showers